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    The people responsible for maintaining a modern or historical slate roof are tasked with making sometimes complex repair or replacement decisions.

    After identifying a leaking roof, only qualified slate roof repair specialists possess the in-depth knowledge to make cost-effective recommendations about critical next steps.

    If you oversee the maintenance of a university, church, modern commercial building, or one with a historical slate roof, contact a slate roof contractor if you suspect hailstone or slate roof wind damage has occurred.

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      Types of Slate Roofing Tiles

      The historical slate roof enjoys a long and storied legacy associated with wondrous architecture. It’s not uncommon to see a stone-based slate tile roof on a classic university or church.

      And while these and other historical slate roof systems are linked to the past, advanced technology allows manufacturers to create roof deck products that mirror stone. The following rank among the widely used slate tile roof products employed today.

      Natural Slate Roof Tiles

      Culled from rock quarries across North America, a slate roofing contractor usually works with distributors to select slate roof tiles that follow one consistent color.

      This is also an essential reason to work with an experienced slate roof repair company that can effectively color-match should natural slate roof tile repair be needed.

      Coastal House With Slate Tile

      Concrete Slate Roof Tiles

      Concrete products have emerged as a cost-effective alternative to natural stone.

      These slate tile roof products are comprised of Portland cement, sand, and water, and can be dyed to create vibrant colors or match a building’s architecture.

      Although durable, severe weather and hard impacts can result in damage, a leaking roof, and the need for concrete slate roof repair.

      Concrete Slate Roof Tile

      Metal Slate Roof Tiles

      Metal roofing systems have become increasingly popular, and manufacturers now produce a line that emulates the slate tile roof.

      Diverse patterns and color schemes are available. Making metal slate roof tile repair often proves less expensive than replacing heavy stone materials.

      Metal Slate Tile Roof

      Composite Slate Roof Tiles

      Composite slate roof deck materials are made from durable plastics.

      They are lightweight and less labor-intensive for a slate roofing contractor to install. The lower material cost — compared to natural stone — and fewer work hours needed for installations make them a preferred choice.

      Although durable and reliable water removal systems, composite slate roof tile repairs may be needed due to extreme weather conditions.

      Composite Slate Roof Tile

      Asphalt Slate Shingles

      The flexibility and ease of asphalt slate shingle installations make them a darling among property owners who desire the ambiance of natural stone without the cost.

      Asphalt slate shingles are one of many design options available and their bold appearance proves inspiring.

      The need for asphalt slate shingle repair is consistent with other products in their class.

      Asphalt Slate Roof Shingles

      When You Need Slate Roof Repair

      The slate tile roof of a high-end commercial building, church, university, or structure on the National Register of Historic Places presents an awe-inspiring aesthetic few materials can rival. A slate roof deck generally lasts 150 years or longer when carefully maintained.

      But even stone-based materials can sustain damage and require the services of slate roof repair specialists.

      In fact, a severe weather event or high wind storm can result in cracked slate tiles.

      When slate roof leaks persist, water damage to load-bearing beams can follow as well as potentially hazardous mold growths behind walls and under flooring.

      If you suspect a building requires slate roofing repair based on the following, contact a commercial roofing contractor and schedule an inspection.

      Slate Roof Repair for Hail Damage

      Slate roof hail damage ranks among the prevalent reasons to contact a commercial roofing contractor.

      When a hailstone the size of a hen egg or baseball strikes a natural stone slate roof, it is likely to inflict damage.

      Cracked slate tiles lead to a leaking roof and water damage is inevitable. A metal or asphalt roof deck is also likely to suffer damage and require emergency roof repair.

      Slate Roof Church Hail Damage

      Slate Roof Repair for Wind Damage

      Although high winds typically do not result in a need to repair a slate roof, materials such as composites, metal, and asphalt can be loosened.

      Slate roof wind damage can also be required when tree limbs and flying debris make hard impacts.

      Dents and cracked slate tiles lead to water penetration and damage unless a slate roof repair technician secures the roof deck.

      Slate Roof Repair

      Slate Roof Repair for Hurricane Damage

      The destructive force of a named storm tasks property owners and managers to enlist the support of a slate roof repair specialist that can also implement necessary building restoration measures.

      A category 1 storm reaches wind speeds up to 94 mph, and a category 5 hurricane can exceed 150 mph.

      Damaged siding and torn gutters are to be expected, along with hurricane roof damage.

      It’s critical to contact an experienced slate roof repair services contractor who can connect you with a public adjuster and fast-track your roof insurance claim.

      Slate Roof Repair Church Hail Damage

      Slate Roof Repair for Tornado Damage

      People in charge of maintaining a church, university, or building on the National Register of Historic Places generally believe tornado roof damage is only needed if the structure sustains a direct hit.

      What few people realize is that a twister generates a fierce sucking force that pulls on siding, gutters, and a slate tile roof.

      That vacuum-like phenomenon loosens the flashing, gutters, and slate tile roof materials. Tornado roof damage ranks among the more insidious ways an unidentified leaking roof quietly causes widespread water damage.

      Slate Roof Tornado Damage

      My Slate Roof is Leaking

      The importance of working with slate roof repair specialists cannot be understated if you suspect a leaking roof.

      When a roof deck is not properly performing water removal duties, rain and moisture seep through cracked slate tiles, loose flashing, and the sealants around ventilation pipes.

      These are telltale signs your slate roof leaks.

      • Water drips from rafters
      • Moisture forms around windows and doors
      • Mold growths appear on ceilings, in closets, or dimly lit spaces
      • Ceilings show signs of discoloration

      What’s particularly troublesome about slate roof leaks is the water can trek across historic wooden beams and other supports.

      The place where property owners and managers see signs of water damage could be far away from the origin of the leaking roof.

      Water Spots From Leak in Ceiling Tiles

      I’ve Got Cracked Slate Tiles

      Identifying cracked slate tiles may not be as obvious as one might anticipate. Natural stone materials do not always show top-to-bottom cracks. When even a golf ball-sized hailstone storm hits, small indents may occur on the face of a slate tile roof.

      These tiles may not necessarily require emergency roof repair. However, they have been weakened and could splinter during the next storm, inviting water damage.

      The same holds true of dented metal, cracked asphalt, cement, and a composite slate roof deck. If you see signs of dented or cracked slate tiles, contact a slate roof repair services contractor and have it inspected.

      Proactive measures to repair slate roof cracks and dents can save thousands of dollars on unnecessary restoration and mediation costs later.

      Slate Roof Church Hail Damage

      Signs You Might Need Roof Repair

      Property owners and managers tasked with maintaining a historic slate roof or commercial building would be well-served to rely on slate roof repair specialists for advice regarding the need for a new roof.

      As a slate roofing contractor, we seek the least invasive and low-cost way to repair a slate roof deck.

      And as an expert commercial roofing contractor, our trained professionals know when the best course is to install a new slate tile roof.

      Contact our slate roof repair specialists and schedule a roof inspection if you see any of the following telltale signs.

      • Water Spots on Ceilings
      • Moisture Around Interior Doors or Windows
      • Dented Slate Roof Tiles
      • Cracked Slate Tiles
      • High Wind Damage to Siding or Gutters
      • Raised Metal or Composite Roof Sections
      • Misaligned Roofing Materials
      • Asphalt Slate Tile Sediment in Gutters or Downspouts
      • Hailstone Damage to Areas of the Property

      These telltale signs typically warrant a slate tile roof inspection. But if your historical slate roof shows signs of sagging under the weight of the natural stone, it’s critical to contact a commercial roofing contractor immediately.

      Slate Roof Hail & Wind Damage Photos

      What an Expert Slate Roofing Company Does

      A slate roofing contractor provides material support for commercial property owners and those who oversee the needs of a church, university, or structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

      Experienced slate roof repair specialists and installers generally conduct thorough research and a detailed inspection before repairing or replacing a historical slate roof.

      In terms of modern slate tile roof systems, a commercial roofing contractor has the knowledge and expertise to identify the origin of a leaking roof and experience to advise repairs or replacement based on its condition.

      Whenever slate tile roof replacements are necessary, the work meets current building and safety codes.

      In an effort to make slate roof repair cost-effective, specialists generally explain which materials are suitable and associated labor with installations.

      An industry-leading commercial roofing contractor can also provide building restoration services, including gutter and siding replacement.

      Deftly managing slate tile roof repairs and the ongoing inspections needed for historical slate roof building requires specialized knowledge and years of field experience.

      A slate roof repair company is a vital resource determined to maintain beautiful and valuable slate tile roof buildings.

      Slate Roof Repair

      Watch this video to learn more about slate roof repair.

      Slate Roof Repair FAQ

      Can my slate roof be repaired?

      In the majority of cases, slate roofing repair remains the preferred option. But determining whether a slate roof repair or replacement is the best course cannot be determined until a thorough inspection has been completed.

      If a building has sustained high-wind or roof hail damage, have it inspected.

      Can cracked or loose slates be replaced?

      The short answer is typically: Yes. But the challenges surrounding cracked slate tiles involve color matching and structural strength.

      A hailstone storm or slate roof wind damage could prompt an inspection that identifies other areas in need of repair.

      How long does a slate roof last?

      A natural stone slate tile roof can last for 150 or more years when properly maintained. A metal roof deck typically enjoys a life expectancy of 75 years, with composite products coming in at upwards of 50 years and asphalt shingles at approximately 25 years.

      Do you work with insurance claims for slate roof repair?

      Our organization works diligently with property owners and managers when severe weather events result in hailstone and slate roof wind damage.

      We can connect you with a reliable public adjuster to streamline the roof insurance claim process and implement emergency roof repair measures to prevent water damage.

      How often should my slate roof be inspected?

      Having an annual slate tile roof inspection conducted helps avoid the high cost of water damage.

      Slate roof repair specialists identify areas that have been compromised and take steps to avoid a leaking roof.

      Such proactive measures save money on building restoration work.

      What type of maintenance should be done on my slate roof?

      A slate tile roof should be cleaned of any debris and moss on an ongoing basis. Gutters need to be cleaned twice annually to ensure rain doesn’t back up and create water damage.

      It’s also important to schedule an inspection following a hailstone or high-wind storm to replace any cracked slate tiles.

      Do you offer emergency roof repair for slate roofs?

      As an emergency roof repair organization, we promptly respond to communities that sustain hailstone and slate roof wind damage.

      Our experienced slate roof repair crews cover leaking roofs with tarps, shrink wrap, and other materials to prevent any further water damage.

      Our trained slate roof repair specialists understand time is of the essence following a catastrophic weather incident and deliver the support communities deserve.

      How to Select a Slate Roof Repair Contractor

      Slate roof repair requires an experienced commercial roofing contractor. Complex roof systems require careful craftsmanship and adherence to strict manufacturer standards. If your roof has suffered hail or wind damage, you will want a contractor that can work with you every step of the way. One that is able to perform emergency roof repairs as needed as well as total installation.

      Ranked Top 100 Roofing ContractorLook for a slate roof repair contractor with the following qualifications:

      • Is licensed, bonded, and insured
      • Experience in emergency roofing & repair services
      • Experience installing the permanent roof solution your property will require
      • Experience managing staged roofing projects that may require parallel tear-off and installation
      • Experience working with insurance companies on roof damage claims

      An experienced emergency roofer can help you avoid leaks and major problems and provide a permanent roofing solution that lasts for decades.

      In 2022, RestoreMasters was ranked #29 of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the nation.

      In addition to slate roof repair, RestoreMasters offers: all common types of roofing systems, shrink wrap roofing, roof tarping, loose lay membrane roofing, emergency roofing & repair, water removal, water damage restoration, mold remediation, catastrophic damage inspections, property damage documentation, testing & damage reports, fencing & perimeter security, disaster recovery services, permanent roof replacement, interior restoration services. and general contractor services.

      We have a locations across the country to serve you better.

      Slate Roof Repair Photos

      Slate Roof Repair Projects

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