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Get in touch with RestoreMasters for a dependable and trustworthy partner for residential & commercial roofing in Elgin. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company committed to ensuring your peace of mind, with teams ready to assist you in emergency roofing, roof repairs, roof maintenance, or roof replacement.
Our experienced crews have worked on a wide range of roofing projects across the state of Illinois...

From minor roof repairs to large-scale, multi-building, multi-team projects. We cater to various property sectors, including hotels, resorts, condominiums, apartment complexes, churches, historical sites, restaurants, retail outlets, offices, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

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Concerned about potential roof damage? Don't wait! Let us provide you with a prompt, comprehensive, and complimentary roof inspection and property damage assessment. We'll identify the exact issues with your roof and recommend solutions. We have crews ready to assist with roof repairs and maintenance in Elgin. Also, should you need a roof replacement, we have special expertise navigating the insurance claims process. to ensure a smooth experience for you.

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    Elgin Building Repairs

    Roof Leaks

    Hail Damage

    Wind Damage

    Missing Shingles

    Broken Tiles

    Ponding Water

    Flashing Leaks

    Roof Punctures

    Blow-offs Blistering

    Heat Shrinkage

    Hurricane Damage

    Tornado Damage

    Flood Damage

    Water Damage

    Fire Damage

    Mold & Mildew

    Tree Damage

    Ice Dam Leaks

    Ceiling Leaks

    Gutter Problems

    Improper Installation

    Roof Degradation

    Insurance Claims

    Window Door Leaks

    Siding Damage

    Attic Ventilation

    Facility Damage

    Sheetrock Damage

    Decks & Stairways

    Emergency Roof Seal

    We provide turnkey solutions for complex building restoration projects.

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    Elgin, Illinois