Guardian Manufacturing
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Total Building Envelope Restoration After Hail


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Hey, guys. I’m Justin with RestoreMasters, LLC, and we’re out here at the Guardian Manufacturing plant here in Cocoa, Florida. These guys are part of our network that we actually watch their properties, and after storms we give them complimentary inspections. Well, just so happens there was a big hailstorm on March 27th of 2019, and this building sustained a ton of damage. Whenever we showed up, the window casings were all beat up. The flashings were all beat up. We got on the roof. The roof had damage all over it and just so happens, the storm was actually a big blessing. When you hire a contractor, very important to make sure that they know what they’re doing. Ever since this building was built, they’ve been chasing their tail. They’ve been having problems with the roofing system. Well, the expansion plates were screwed down tight to the purlins, and they were installed wrong. There’s got to be room for that metal to move when thermal contraction happens.

So the storm was a blessing. We met the insurance company out here. Insurance agreed that there was a lot of damage to the property and agreed to remove and replace the whole roof. The type of roof system they have is called a trapezoidal. There was actually headlaps in the middle of the roof, which you can have leaks in. Well, the span was not large enough. So we were able to custom make our metal and get rid of all the laps. So it’s going to be one solid piece of standing seam metal that covers that whole roof system, which is going to take away all chances for leaks. So actually when you hire your contractor, make sure that they know what they’re doing, too, because we know not to tear off more than we’re can put back in one day.

So when we’re putting this roof back, we were only able to pull off a couple panels at a time and then reinstall our panels. That way, whenever storms rolled in that afternoon… We are in Florida. Every day, about three or four o’clock, big storms pop up. So we’re prepared for that.

All right. So another great thing about having us come check your property after a big storm, whether it’s a hurricane or a hailstorm, is to the normal eye, everything looks great. This is a storefront application. Windows look fine. They are not broken. But when you actually come take a look at the frames, the frames have huge dents in them and have been compromised. So they might not be able to hold the loads that the windows have to hold because of how much damage there is to the frames. We actually have to replace all the window in the frames because of the codes that have changed from the time this building was built. In 2008 to 2019, the wind loads, the wind speeds, have changed probably from 120 miles an hour to 150 mile an hour. So we’ve got to redo the whole window to be able to withstand 150 mile an hour winds in this county.

So we’re going to redo the whole storefront. We’re going to do the stucco, the paint, all the gutters on the property. Everything’s going to be brand new on this building whenever we get done with it. Roof’s not going to have any issues. It’s all going to be installed correctly. And it’s going to be a 50-year roof. From the time this building was built, they’ve been having problems with the roof. Now they are not going to have any issues with their roof, hopefully for another 50 years, all because they had RestoreMasters come check out their property after a storm.

So if you find yourself thinking you’re in a storm damage area, or there’s a lot of storms in an area where you, your property, your business is, call RestoreMasters. We’ll come out, we’ll get you on an MSA, which is considered a Master Service Agreement. We’ll actually get you signed up early, before storms happen. We’ll come give you a yearly inspection, complimentary, and then if anything does happen, we’re there immediately for you to take care of your property. If you are in a storm damage situation where you didn’t have us out there beforehand and you need us to come take a look at your property to get you taken care after the storm, give us a look,, and ask for Justin.


Hey guys, this is Justin Reichl, with We’re out here at the beautiful Guardian Interlock building in Cocoa, Florida. We are actually a licensed GC here in the state of Florida. And these people are part of our MSA, which is a Master Service Agreement, where whenever there’s a storm, we come out immediately after the storm and check the property. We’ve actually solved all their issues with their roofing, the gutters, the siding, we’re now onto the windows.

Hey, here we are actually building our windows. RestoreMasters actually hires master builders that can build windows on site. This is the Florida FL500 hurricane impact-resistant window. That actually conform to all the state and local building codes for high velocity wind zones. And you can pretty much throw a cinder block at these windows and they’re not going to break. And our customer here at guardian actually had no idea that their windows were damaged, but because their building was over 12 years old, the wind speed requirements have drastically changed over the last 10 years. So we were able to get them all brand new windows, all 91 of their windows and doors are getting replaced because of wind speed requirements.

All right. So if you own any kind of large commercial property at all, check us out, My name’s Justin look forward to hearing from you.

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