Palestine Toyota
Palestine, Texas

Trapezoidal Standing Seam Metal Roof Car Dealership


Project Overview

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Hi, thanks for tuning in today. My name is Jarett, I’m with the Restore Masters. Today we’re at Toyota of Palestine, one of several different dealerships across many states that we’re re-roofing due to storm damage. Come follow me, take a look at the site.

So this particular building, we actually met the owner at a completely different state. He’s actually a referral from another dealership that we had just completed. So we were sitting in his office, and not only did he want the reference from his good friend, but he also wanted several other references, and he wanted to call the manufacturer. While they were on the phone with the manufacturer, the manufacturer not only gave us a great review, he informed them that we were the top roofing contractor. In fact, they gave us an award for it. And checking out all the other references we supplied him, he said moving forward with us would be a great decision. So, here we are today.

Any large commercial project, such as this one, we’re going to need a large accessible area to store our supplies, to keep them safe and secure. So from here, we’re going to take the SkyTrak, load the material, and put it directly on the roof. Let’s go check it out.

So we’re here on the roof, and there’s a lot going on. River, why don’t you tell us how all this works?

Hey, this is River with Restore Masters. The system we’re installing here is a quad-lock trapezoidal standing seam. And the way that it works is we have panels meet up to each other, marry each other right here. We use a hand crimper all the way down, run a mechanical seamer, run a secondary hand clamp on it, and then run the secondary mechanical seamer right here. Where you end up with is where we have no water intrusion possible. One of the challenges with doing a retrofit system like this is getting the old panels off. In order to do that, we actually have to come through and make a cut all the way down, cut the old clips out here, remove them from the purlin fasteners on that, separate it, and we have to grid the entire roof across as we go so we can make sure that the interior of the building doesn’t get any water intrusion.

Follow me over here, we’re going to have a look at some of the installation errors by the previous contractor. So we have a couple of interesting details on this roof that the previous contractor did. First, let’s start with the way that they ran this panel directly under here. They did the curve flange here, and literally just cut around the panel and put caulking here as the only means of waterproofing. This should be counter flashed, riveted, butyl tape. There’s an entire assembly that’s supposed to go in these parts right here, and this was just done, it looks like an afterthought, haphazardly by another contractor. It looks like they weren’t having a very good day.

I don’t think that this is exactly what the NRCA means by a flashing detail. It looks like they cut some metal short here, slapped some sort of a self adhered, butyl something or another, and just haphazardly caulked in here, expecting water not to get inside of this and run down the wall and cause permanent damage to the structure. We at Restore Masters are so passionate about protecting people’s assets that we have actually written an installation manual for all of our teams to follow when they’re in the field. One of the details that we do like, obviously designed by the architect who did this building originally, was this EPDM expansion joint here. In the roofing world, when you come onto a roof that you’re doing a retrofit on and you find a great detail like this, you want to emulate that as much as possible.

So if you’re a large building owner and you’re looking for a contractor that is not only reputable, is also passionate about what they do. So do yourself a favor, do your due diligence before you choose a contractor. Check our references on the web, look at all the multiple products we’ve done around the country, give us a call, we’d love to help you out. Thanks for tuning in. See you guys next time.

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