Peachy Airport Parking
Atlanta, Georgia

TPO Retrofit for Hail Damage


Project Overview

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Hi, I am Jacob Parker with RestoreMasters, and we’re at Peachy Airport Parking, located right next to the airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Peachy provides you with free EV charging, a indoor climate controlled facility, a gated 24-hour security, and a 24-hour shuttle to take you to all terminals at the airport.

Back in March of last year, this building was hit by one of the largest hailstorms it’s seen in the last 20 years compromising its roofing system to the point that there was water coming in and causing the insulation to begin to fall from the roofing system. My client and I were able to connect. She wasn’t sure what was going on, so I came out, did a full 16-point inspection and determined that this building was compromised by that storm. So we began going through the process with the insurance carrier and were able to get her a full approval for a new roof. Let me show you what we got going on.

I did a full 16-point inspection on this roof and was able to determine that this building was compromised by that very storm that hit here in Atlanta, Georgia. So we called the carrier out and had an adjuster meeting and we’re able to get a full approval for Peachy.

After we got the approval from the carrier, the next obstacle we had to tackle is what type of roofing system we we’re going to put on this building. My client could not do a re-roof, that would interrupt their business. So I suggested, “Why not we go with a retrofit?” It’s where we put a roof right over your roof. Weather Bond’s TPO can be installed over an existing standing seam metal roof to offer proven long-lasting protection while increasing the energy efficiency of the building. This solution could be more cost-effective than replacing the metal roof while proving to be a much longer term solution compared to coatings. TPO retrofit roofing involves installing a TPO membrane over an existing roof surface, effectively creating a new and improved and efficient roofing system. Peachy is known for their great customer experience and having installation and dust falling down on the vehicles isn’t exactly a great experience. So the owner knew exactly what they had to do, which was file an insurance claim.

At RestoreMasters every job site has a superintendent at all times onsite to make sure that this is a smooth process. Now I’m going to pass it off to our superintendent on this job. Jeff McIntyre. Jeff.

I’m the superintendent. We’re up here on my newest project. It’s looking fantastic. I’ve got 30 guys up here working real hard to get this done. It’s over 4,000 squares. It’s going to take us probably 10, 11 days to get this completed. The hardest part about starting this was getting the material here, but now that we’ve got all the material here, we’re rocking and rolling and we’ll get this thing done. The application is fantastic. You put a foam insert in between the metal, you put another piece of foam on top of it, and you put the TPO on top of that. Moves really quickly. Honestly, with this roof, there’s not a whole lot of openings in it, so it’s going to go faster than most, but it’s still a great application, one of the best. Everybody’s using it and you get your warranty and get it done quickly. This business is running, we’re running on the roof and we’re not bothering them one bit and they’re loving it.

So as you can see, there’s insulation falling all over this place. The first step to fixing this problem is stopping the bleeding, which is putting on a new roof. Once that’s done, then we can go through and rip down all this bad installation, putting this problem away for good.

So I’m here with Helen, the CEO of Peachy Airport Parking. Helen, tell us a little bit about your experience with RestoreMasters.

So it’s been great. You guys have been helpful. You’ve been right on the spot, you’ve been clean, everybody’s been on time, you’ve done everything you’ve said, you’ve done.

Well. We appreciate it. The main thing that’s important with RestoreMasters is communication, being able to relay the important bullet points of what’s going to happen next so our clients aren’t surprised at any moment. We really appreciate your business and giving us this opportunity.

Thank you. We appreciate everything you’ve done. Handled the claim perfectly. You’ve been up on the roof for the last week?

Pretty much since we started, yeah.

And the trucks have come through. They’ve been minimally invasive. You’ve done what you’ve said you’ve done. You’ve unloaded them timely, you’ve cleaned up everything nicely every day. There’s been minimal invasion.

What do you think about the onsite supervisor, someone who you can check in with who’s going to make sure the crew’s on time, the materials are being reported, every aspect of this build?

Great. Everybody’s been great. I like the WhatsApp. I like being able to see at the end of the day the progress. I like being able to see the materials drop. I like being able to see the progress has been made, the videos.


Everything’s great.

At RestoreMasters on my jobs I like to fly a drone in the air and show the progress so clients can see how much further we have it come along. It also shows how quick we’re able to work. It’s a good idea to see what it’s like. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much, Helen.

Thank you.

So here we are up on the roof. Finished product 420,000 squares of retrofit roofing system. My client did not have to shut down business. We’ve just added an extra layer of protection. We were able to stop all the leaking, fix all the insulation damage, and now this building is now energy efficient. So it’s going to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This building is bigger than four football fields and it only took us two weeks to re-roof.

So if your business has been impacted by a major storm and you’re worried about filing an insurance claim because of the business interruption, why not consider a retrofit roofing system? It should alleviate all your concerns and why not go with a great contractor like RestoreMasters who can back it up with a great warranty? I’m Jacob Parker with RestoreMasters and We Roof America.

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