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    Storm Damage Repair

    When a severe weather event leaves a wake of destruction, commercial property owners need a reliable storm damage repair contractor they can trust.

    RestoreMasters is a national storm damage repair company that deploys field teams when high winds, tornados, hurricanes, or hailstorms impact local communities.

    If you suffered a loss that requires emergency storm damage repair, a prompt roof inspection, and other building restoration services, our experienced professionals are ready to help.

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      Storm Damage Repair Services

      The initial concern following a catastrophic weather event involves protecting the structural integrity and contents of a building by implementing emergency roof repair strategies.

      Once storm damage repair has been made to prevent further water damage, property owners and managers require a wide variety of commercial storm damage repair services that involve the following.

      Debris Removal After Storm Damage

      We understand that building owners find themselves in a difficult position after a storm impacts your investment property.

      One of the first items that needs to be addressed is evaluating the structural integrity of rafters and load-bearing walls.

      With a plan of action in place, one of our commercial storm damage repair crews can begin the process of removing debris, drywall, and other items that sustained water damage.

      Safety dictates that building restoration cannot move forward until all of the debris has been extracted from the site.

      Only then can commercial storm damage repair crews begin the restoration process.

      Debris Removal After Storm Damage

      Storm Damage Roof Repair

      It’s important for commercial building owners and managers to know they can contact a storm roof damage repair organization with the bandwidth to handle the restoration process from start to finish.

      As an experienced commercial roofing contractor firm, our experts work diligently with property owners to help them through the storm damage insurance claim process.

      We can network you with a reputable public adjuster to help expedite the claim and negotiate on your behalf.

      While the insurance process plays out, emergency roof storm damage repair measures are taken to prevent leaks from damaging the contents of your building.

      Water damage can also negatively affect rafters, structural supports and spur hazardous mold growths.

      That’s why we urge prompt emergency storm damage repair strategies be taken, such as shrink wrapping, tarps, and temporary roof overlays.

      Storm Damage

      Siding & Exterior Repair

      The importance of working with a contractor who possesses building restoration for storm damage expertise cannot be understated.

      Unlike outfits that strictly focus on a single aspect of storm damage repair, we dispatch construction professionals to handle comprehensive storm-related services.

      Siding typically needs storm damage repair and replacement after high winds lift debris and fling it into a building.

      It’s also common for hailstorms to pummel siding, leaving boards splintered.

      Cracked, chipped, and loose siding invites water damage and wood-boring pests unless immediate storm damage repair services are brought to bear.

      Siding Installation

      Window & Door Repair

      Comprehensive building restoration for storm damage generally requires some level of window and door repair.

      Glass panes are routinely shattered, and doors are ripped from their hinges and frames.

      Part of the building restoration process requires a commercial roofing contractor also to have window and door teams standing by to install high-quality products.

      The ability to work with a storm damage repair company that replaces or repairs windows and doors saves property owners time and money.

      Window Installation

      Water Damage Removal

      When a commercial building’s roof becomes badly damaged, rain drenches everything inside the structure.

      Items such as drywall, rugs, ceiling materials, and flooring become soaked. All of the water damage and pooling rain must be extracted.

      Other building restoration for storm damage services are put on hold until water removal has been completed.

      Our comprehensive water damage restoration capabilities allow building owners to reopen without delay.

      Water Damage

      Water & Flood Damage Repair & Restoration

      Water and flood damage restoration processes focus on restoring a facility to its pre-loss condition.

      The process begins with water removal and moves into strategies that involve moisture removal.

      One of the goals of flood and water damage restoration is to salvage building materials, particularly structural support infrastructure, and save commercial property owners money.

      Our organization utilizes a comprehensive water damage cleanup checklist that each technician follows.

      This water damage checklist ensures that hazardous mold growths and damaged items are removed while viable construction materials are saved.

      Water Damage

      When You Need Storm Damage Repair

      People tasked with managing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings would be well-served to schedule a roof inspection following a severe weather event.

      Roof leaks and the telltale signs of water damage may not be immediately visible.

      In terms of the obvious effects of catastrophic weather, these are reasons to contact a storm damage repair contractor who can respond promptly.

      Hail Damage Building Repair

      Roof hail damage ranks among the most common reasons property owners require emergency storm repairs and replacements.

      Hail damage to roofing systems occurs because ice ranging from the size of quarters to tennis balls strikes at high speeds.

      This can be the result of gravity or driving winds.

      When a strong, straight line or wind gust pushes hailstones into structures, siding, railings, gutters, windows, and doors suffer significant damage.

      When hailstorms open cracks in roofs or smash windows, water damage usually follows.

      Getting immediate building restoration and roof storm damage repair support can prevent unnecessary water damage losses.

      Slate Roof Hail Damage

      Wind Damage Building Repair

      Building and roof wind damage too often take property owners and managers by surprise.

      That’s largely because meteorologists have difficulty predicting the speeds of straight line winds and volatile gusts.

      Straight line winds that do not even rise to the level of a named storm can reach upwards of 74 mph.

      When accompanying gusts top 100 mph, the siding is typically ripped off buildings.

      Along with roof wind damage that involves ripped shingles and entire panels torn off, gutters are lost, windows smashed, and doors come off their hinges.

      Once sections of the roof are lost, water damage destroys interior walls, staircases, drywall, and flooring.

      Strong winds too often result in filing a massive storm damage insurance claim and the need for a building restoration contractor.

      Shingle Roof Wind Damage

      Hurricane Damage Repair

      When a tropical cyclone ravages coastal communities, the need for hurricane damage repair is almost a given.

      Wind speeds that routinely exceed 100 mph bring torrential downpours and cause tremendous water damage.

      Hurricane damage repair to roofs, siding, gutters, and the interior of commercial buildings calls for a construction firm with the expertise and trained personnel to complete the entire building restoration project.

      Hurricane Damage

      Tornado Damage Repair

      Commercial building owners too often do not reach out for the immediate tornado damage repair services they require.

      That’s usually because tornados destroy buildings in their direct path, and people breathe a sigh of relief after a near miss.

      It may seem counterintuitive, but structures that barely survived usually need tornado damage repair.

      Tornados create a vacuum-like force that pulls on siding, gutters, roof panels, doors, and windows.

      Although the dents from flying debris may seem inconsequential, loose flashing, gutters, and roof shingles have been compromised.

      Scheduling an inspection and prompt tornado damage repair avoids paying for total roof replacement and building restoration due to water damage.

      Wind Damage

      Commercial Storm Damage Repair Contractor

      An experienced commercial storm damage repair contractor starts by conducting a thorough building and roof inspection.

      The process involves exhaustively analyzing the effects of the extreme weather event as well as roof age, structural integrity, and the scope of the roof restoration project.

      Items such as weakened rafters, unsteady load-bearing walls, and sheathing are all construction materials that need to be scrutinized.

      And a contractor that handles comprehensive repair elements lends support throughout the storm damage insurance claim process.

      This may involve emergency roof repair to prevent leaks or putting down an overlay to secure the building until a permanent solution can be implemented. 

      It’s not unusual for communities that suffer catastrophic weather to lose power, supply chain disruptions, and regional materials shortages.

      We keep your building secure to prevent unnecessary losses.

      A public adjuster can also be brought in to negotiate on your behalf.

      The detailed inspection report can be leveraged to ensure the insurance corporation provides the full, fair compensation you deserve.

      RestoreMasters professionals work closely with property owners, managers, and investors, to ensure the roof and building restoration estimate reflects bringing the structure up to the latest fire safety and building codes.

      Because RestoreMasters enjoys a national footprint and works with seasoned construction workers, our crews are a one-stop storm damage repair and restoration resource.

      Storm Damage Roof Repair

      Watch this video to learn more about storm damage roof repair.

      Storm Damage Repair FAQ

      Do you offer emergency roofing and roof repair?

      RestoreMasters tracks severe weather fronts and deploys emergency roof repair teams to impacted communities. We have offices in all 50 states with technicians trained in tarping, shrink wrapping, and putting down temporary roof overlays.

      Does RestoreMasters offer general contracting services for storm damage?

      RestoreMasters ranks among the country’s leading full-service roofing and building restoration contractors. We provide repair and replacement services that include fencing, perimeter security, water removal, mold remediation, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, contents restoration, interior construction build-backs, exterior construction, windows, doors, siding, property damage repairs, and general contractor services. Our teams hold multiple certifications relating to roofing, air quality, lead abatement, asbestos abatement, and others.

      Can you help with contents restoration after water damage?

      The short answer is: Yes. But before restoration can take place, water removal must be completed. This involves preventing roof leaks, further water damage losses, extracting moisture and removing impacted materials. Once the premises are dry and clear of debris, our construction crews can restore the interior and exterior.

      How soon can you be onsite following hurricane damage?

      Because RestoreMasters possesses offices in every state and tracks catastrophic storms, hurricane roof damage and building restoration crews are deployed immediately after a storm passes. We provide detailed inspections and estimates to help expedite the claims process and implement emergency roof repair services to prevent further losses. 

      Once the storm subsides, contact the RestoreMasters office in your region for prompt support.

      How soon can you be onsite following a tornado, derecho, or severe wind damage?

      Following an extremely damaging storm such as a tornado, derecho, or high-wind incident, RestoreMasters emergency roof repair and building restoration crews are poised to respond. Our organization closely monitors catastrophic weather in every state.

      We coordinate road closures and dangerous conditions with our inspection experts and construction staff. They are on site as soon as they can safely reach impacted communities and business districts.

      Do you work with insurance claims for storm damage repair?

      Our organization provides detailed building and roof inspections, coupled with accurate estimates, that ensure building and fire safety codes are met. We can connect affected property owners with a public adjuster to review your insurance policy and negotiate a full, fair storm damage settlement on your behalf. 

      At RestoreMasters, we work closely with people who suffer losses and support their restoration efforts.

      Should I schedule a roof inspection after a storm, even if roof leaks aren’t present?

      Depending on the type of roofing system your commercial building possesses, the telltale signs of a leaking roof may not present for months. Moisture can accumulate in the vapor barrier in metal and flat roofing systems. It can also trail behind walls after penetrating slate and asphalt shingle roofs.

      A roof inspection following a storm identifies compromised areas and allows owners to make minor repairs. Scheduling a storm damage roof inspection can save tens of thousands in unnecessary restoration costs later.

      How do you tell if an insurance policy includes flood damage restoration?

      It’s not unusual for flood damage restoration coverage to require property owners to purchase an additional rider. Perhaps the best way to know whether you possess this coverage is to secure a no-cost inspection and quote and work with a public adjuster to navigate the claim.

      A public adjuster can review your policy, determine coverage, and negotiate the claim directly with the insurance carrier on your behalf. While that process plays out, RestoreMasters can implement emergency roof repair measures to prevent further storm damage losses.

      How to Select a Storm Damage Roof Repair Contractor

      If your roof has suffered hail or wind damage, you will want a contractor that can work with you every step of the way.

      You need a team of professionals that can spring into action and mobilize immediately with the resources needed to get the job done and help you plan for a future permanent roof replacement solution.

      It's important to get a professional roof inspection prior to completion of emergency roof repairs. You also want to select a roofing company with extensive experience installing your type of roof.

      Ranked Top 100 Roofing ContractorLook for a storm damage roof repair contractor with the following qualifications:

      • Is licensed, bonded, and insured
      • Experience in emergency roofing & repair services
      • Experience installing the permanent roof solution your property will require
      • Experience managing staged roofing projects that may require parallel tear-off and installation
      • Experience working with insurance companies on roof damage claims

      An experienced emergency roofer can help you avoid leaks and major problems and provide a permanent roofing solution that lasts for decades.

      In 2022, RestoreMasters was ranked #29 of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the nation.

      In addition to storm damage roof repair, RestoreMasters offers: all common types of roofing systems, shrink wrap roofing, roof tarping, loose lay membrane roofing, emergency roofing & repair, water removal, water damage restoration, mold remediation, catastrophic damage inspections, property damage documentation, testing & damage reports, fencing & perimeter security, disaster recovery services, permanent roof replacement, interior restoration services. and general contractor services.

      We have a locations across the country to serve you better.

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      Storm Damage Repair Projects

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