Winter Storm Disaster Response Services

Emergency Roofing & Water Damage Restoration

Winter storm disasters can really wreak havoc on commercial buildings and residential properties.

Freezing cold temperatures, combined with long-term power outages and widespread devastation...

Can leave an entire region scrambling to contain property damages.

Add to that.

A shortage of manpower and resources as well as transportation issues during severe weather.

And you've got one tough situation.

Fortunately, larger disaster restoration contractors can deploy resources from across the nation.

To provide winter storm disaster services to help those in need.

Let's explore services that might help you right now.

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    Recent Winter Storm Disasters

    Unlike hurricanes or tropical storms, winter storms don't receive formal names.

    But stronger storms do tend to receive unofficial names by national news sources or The Weather Channel.

    From February 13-17, 2021, Winter Storm Uri damaged huge portions of the United States.

    Plowing from the west coast, all across the south and Midwest, this storm caused extreme destruction in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and many others, as they dealt with rolling blackouts and icy temperatures.

    Winter Storm Uri Snowfall Map

    The effects of Uri became far more problematic when it was immediately followed by Winter Storm Viola from February 15-20.

    Viola hit the few places Uri left untouched across the southern plains and east coast.

    Both of these winter storms brought snow and ice much further south than is usually expected, along with power outages, downed trees, and massive property damage to commercial buildings and residential homes.

    How Winter Storms Can Damage Property

    The fact is.

    It's impossible to predict every type of damage a winter storm can cause to a property.

    However, there are typical damages which are expected after a heavy winter storm.

    Ice Covered Limbs Falling Onto Roof

    Downed trees or tree limbs are typical sources of many problems.

    Not only can the loss of trees adversely affect property values...

    How they fall can cause immediate damage to your roof, windows, siding, decks or other parts of your property.

    Falling limbs can break windows or punch through a roof.

    Tree Fallen on Condo Deck

    The entire tree can demolish a roof or even compromise the structural stability of walls.

    Further roof damage can occur due to winds, which blows shingles away from the roof line.

    This type of damage can be as bad as an actual hole in the roof, or in some cases worse.

    That's because.

    A slow leak in the attic can lead to huge problems later.

    By the time such a leak is visible from the finished portion of the building, there's likely to be rot and mold formed in the attic.

    Which requires much more effort to repair than a leak was addressed immediately.

    Ice Dam Roof Problems

    An ice dam is another problem caused by winter weather which often goes unnoticed.

    Ice dams form when improper insulation creates "above freezing" temperatures at certain locations on the roof surface.

    Melting snow flows down toward the eaves, where it re-freezes and forms a dam that allows water to pool on your roof.

    Not good.

    Ice dams are recognizable from their telltale icicles that hang over the eaves.

    Ice Dam Formation After Snow Storm

    Because of this, more water collects and freezes in place, until the ice reaches past the overhang section of roof, or the eave.

    At that point, heat from inside the building rises, preventing the water from freezing.

    So it has nowhere to go other than to drain under and through roofing materials and into the building.

    This process in turn will damage that section of roof, and it will never be watertight again.

    At risk of leaking every time it rains in the future until appropriate repairs are made.

    Frozen Water Pipes During Winter Storms

    Frozen pipes were a huge issue with the winter storms of 2021.

    Record low temperatures and lack of electricity to many buildings created the perfect storm.

    Frozen water pipes can absolutely wreck a building's interior.

    Water Flowing From Frozen Pipe

    With water spraying behind walls or above the ceiling, sheet rock, flooring, light fixtures, electrical...

    All of it can get damaged to the point that it requires a complete replacement.

    Know what to do if you have a frozen pipe.

    Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    Water damage restoration is a much bigger job than it may at first seem.

    Any wet drywall is going to have to be removed.

    Before replacement, specialty heating tools, fans and large air movers are used to fully dry out the area affected by the water damage.

    At that point, a thorough inspection must be conducted to determine the extent to which the walls or joists have been damaged.

    Mold has to be removed, which is a specialty process in and of itself.

    In some cases...

    ...especially if the damage wasn't addressed immediately, the framing may have to be pulled out and replaced.

    After the drywall is eventually replaced, it will need to be finished as it was before

    Water Damage Restoration Drywall

    Does Insurance Cover Winter Storm Damage?

    You may be wondering...

    Will insurance cover water damage from frozen pipes? Or roof damage from ice?

    Insurance Claim ApprovedWhile this depends on your policy and carrier, most commercial property insurance policies cover sudden water damage from burst pipes and roof damage from a host of calamities, including ice.

    Something worth noting is that some insurance companies require immediate reporting.

    With deadlines as low as 48 hours from the time of the incident, in order to cover the repairs.

    This is because the problem only gets bigger with time.

    The longer your property remains stagnant without beginning repairs, you may run into problems with all restoration requirements being covered.

    Water removal efforts should begin as soon as possible.

    It may be that while the storm is still raging outside the construction work can't begin.

    But there are things a restoration company can do to mitigate the total amount of damage.

    By preventing leaks from spreading and becoming worse than they already are.

    That’s why you need a disaster restoration company that has extensive experience in dealing with commercial insurance claims.

    At RestoreMasters, we bring a whole team to the table.

    Your team may consist of public adjusters, attorneys, various building engineers, water extraction and cleanup crews, roofers, interior/exterior construction experts and others all helping to put your property back to pre-loss condition...

    ...while working directly with your insurance company to process and negotiate details of the claim on your behalf.

    Who to Call After Winter Storm Damage

    Before you’ve talked to your insurance company, contact RestoreMasters.

    With storm disaster response teams in place throughout the United States, we can get your facility back to normal operation in no time.

    Then, you’ll want to call your insurance company to file a claim.

    Remember, some property insurance policies require you to report water damage within 48 hours, so make sure you get your claim filed.

    The good news?

    A team from RestoreMasters will help you every step of the way.

    Restoremasters Contracting

    Licensed, bonded and insured...

    We can help with more than just cleanup and dry out.

    We’ll help you build back to pre-loss condition, like there was never damage in the first place.

    With our national footprint, we have a network of resources that other companies just can't deliver.

    And as large loss experts, we our team will work together with your carrier to ensure the property is cleaned up and fully restored.

    Ready to learn how RestoreMasters can help after a winter storm has caused damage to your commercial building or property?

    Get in touch!

    Winter Storm Disaster Response Crews

    Our teams deploy quickly with water removal, water extraction and dry out equipment to begin the restoration process.

    From emergency response to total build back, we'll be with you every step of the way.

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