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Nov 10, 2022

Hurricane Nicole brought high winds, torrential rains, and flooding to Daytona Beach, Florida, leaving property owners in need of emergency roof repair contractors and water removal services. Reports indicate that Nicole caused more than $500 million in roof wind damage and hurricane cleanup costs.

RestoreMasters has hurricane damage restoration contractors in the field to perform emergency roofing measures and handle a complete building restoration if necessary. Commercial property owners can contact a hurricane contractor at the roof repair office in Orlando, FL.

Commercial Roof Repair Daytona Beach

At least eight buildings were immediately deemed unsafe due to the damage from Hurricane Nicole. It’s essential for impacted property owners to enlist the support of an experienced firm that routinely works in disaster zones.

RestoreMasters hurricane repair contractors have already pulled technicians and resources to Florida from our national network to deal with the devastation of Ian. We have the people and resources in place to handle any repair, restoration, or hurricane debris removal project.

As the projected Hurricane Nicole track was expected to cross Volusia County, emergency roof repair teams readied materials to secure buildings and prevent unnecessary water damage. One of the critical differences commercial property owners receive when enlisting the support of a veteran hurricane damage restoration operation is the ability to handle the wide-reaching cleanup and rehabilitation needs while facing adversity.

Although the once pristine Daytona Beach landscape may appear devastated, hurricane debris removal specialists know how to efficiently clean the site so that water removal and restoration can be conducted. But before the interior can undergo water removal and restoration, roof leak repair strategies must be deployed.

Commercial Roof Replacement Daytona Beach

Weather reports indicate Nicole pounded Daytona Beach and the surrounding area with wind gusts of 86 mph, sending debris flying and tearing apart roofing systems. High winds, coupled with the hard impact of debris, typically tear into flat roofing systems.

It’s not uncommon for metal roofs to experience dents, loose fasteners, and gaps that allow rain to seep through and create water damage. It’s crucial to schedule a roof inspection if you suspect your building took damage from Hurricane Nicole.

Because RestoreMasters has a long history of serving communities after catastrophic events, our hurricane repair contractors have the experience to fix roof storm damage. And an emergency roofer understands that prompt shrink wrap roofing will prevent rainwater from compromising load-bearing walls and hazardous mold growths.

Our hurricane repair contractors are in Volusia County ready to restore structures that sustained Hurricane Nicole damage by leveraging the following services.

Emergency Roof Repair

Although tarping remains a relatively common way to secure Hurricane Nicole damage, shrink wrap roofing has emerged as the preferred method. That's largely because shrink wrap roofing materials fit tightly to a structure and account for grooves and contours.

Emergency roofing specialists spread out large plastic membranes and heat-seal them in place. This advanced roof leak repair practice is widely used following hailstone strikes and tornadoes. It will serve property owners well who sustained damage from Hurricane Nicole.

Hurricane Debris Removal

Nicole left unknown wreckage and these materials pose a clear and present health and safety danger. That’s why our hurricane debris removal crews bring in the equipment and resources to conduct a full cleanup.

Water Removal

Daytona Beach suffered tremendous rainfall and flooding that caused widespread water damage. Standing water and soaked materials pose a significant mold growth risk. Our water removal specialists dry the moisture from building interiors and rescue salvageable materials.

Building Restoration

The losses after two hurricanes are substantial and many commercial buildings require new siding, doors, windows, gutters, porches, decks, and other replacements. RestoreMasters provide comprehensive restoration services. Our clients include hotels, resorts, condominiums, community associations, apartment complexes,

Wind Damage to Roof

Roofing for Hurricane Damage

RestoreMasters earned a national reputation for excellence in disaster zones. The ability to bring in the necessary materials and trained technicians with the bandwidth to work under unfavorable conditions has proven successful.  

After Hurricane Ian ravaged Sanibel Island, FL, RestoreMasters transported materials to the isolated community by barge. We bring that level of commitment when repairing or replacing the following roofing systems.

BUR Roofing

The Built-Up Roofing system generally provides a strong defense against high winds. But the repeated impact of multiple tropical cyclones across Florida can affect the upper layers. It’s important to have a comprehensive roof inspection performed if you suspect even minor roof damage.

EPDM Roofing

The Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofing remains a popular flat system. This “rubber roof” delivers cost-effective benefits and a roof repair contractor can seamlessly fix minor or major storm damage.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have become a go-to system for commercial building owners. They rank among the most budget-friendly to construct. A precision metal roof provides decades of weather protection. If your metal system sustained damage from Hurricane Nicole, we can dispatch an emergency roofer to secure leaks and make repairs.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

A modified bitumen roofing system involves multiple layers of weather protection and insulation that help reduce HVAC costs. These complex systems require experienced commercial roof repair professionals to make precise repairs and replacements.

PVC Roofing

The PVC roofing system continues to trend in the Sunshine State because its white top layer reflects UV rays. Commercial building owners who suffered roof damage from Hurricane Nicole can reduce utility expenses by upgrading to a PVC system.

Shingle Roofing

Hurricane Nicole tore asphalt shingles off roofs across Volusia County. These roofing systems are not adequate against high wind incidents and RestoreMasters can provide alternative solutions.  

Tile Roofing

Tile roof manufacturers are producing sturdy and diverse materials. They provide sound protection against severe weather and are an appealing choice for sloped roofs.

TPO Roofing

When supported by an expertly installed substrate, a Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing system uses a single-ply upper membrane. Although weather-resistant, flying debris can compromise the top layer and require roof leak repair.

Hail and Wind Damage Map - Daytona Beach, Hurricane, Wind 11/9/2022

Here are a few Hurricane Nicole posts on social media:

Signs You Might Need Roof Replacement

Many coastal structures suffered devastating Hurricane Nicole damage that will require obvious roof replacements and building restoration due to flooding. It may come as something of a surprise, but far more commercial buildings suffer roof damage that goes unnoticed. If you see any of the following telltale signs, contact RestoreMasters and schedule a roof inspection.

  • Sagging Roof Deck
  • Water Pooling on Flat Roof
  • Gutters Backed Up
  • Moisture Around Windows & Doors
  • Mold or Algae Growing on the Roof
  • Missing Shingles or Tiles
  • Dents to Roofing Materials
  • Cracked Sealants Around HVAC Units
  • Damaged or Misaligned Flashing

When ceilings become discolored from water penetrations, it’s highly likely that the roof deck and support infrastructure have been compromised. It’s critical to address roof leaks as soon as possible to prevent further losses.

What a Disaster Zone Roofing Company Does

RestoreMasters dispatched hurricane damage restoration contractors to Daytona Beach to assess the destruction the moment the roads were cleared.

Our experienced disaster zone crews are adept at securing a safe perimeter to prevent injuries. We bring in hurricane debris removal teams to clear an area so that our emergency roof repair specialists can tarp or shrink wrap your building, as we have been doing for Hurricane Nicole damage in New Smyrna Beach.

A certified professional then conducts a comprehensive building and roof inspection. The report property owners receive supports their insurance claim and includes a reliable quote. We can also refer you to a public adjuster to help navigate the insurance claims process.

Because RestoreMasters provides full restoration services, our trained specialists are ready to repair, replace or rebuild infrastructure, gutters, siding, windows, doors, and a wide range of roofing systems. When the construction is complete, every aspect of the structure will meet or exceed the current Florida fire safety and building regulations.

RestoreMasters recently responded to Punta Gorda, FL, after Hurricane Ian devastated the community.

Severe storms, bringing hail, strong winds, or tornadoes can cause severe roof damage, by ripping off roofing systems.

Some older roofs can sustain damage from only 50 mph winds.

The intensity of roof damage is determined by various factors: the velocity and impact of flying debris, the quality of the original installation, the building height and location in relation to other buildings, the angle and shape of the roof, and the material used on the roof.

Getting a roof inspection & property damage assessment after severe weather like this is important for determining whether you need to address roof damage from hail or high winds.

Circumstances do not always allow for immediate repair of roof leaks. In the meantime, an experienced disaster roofing contractor can cover the roof or affected area with a tarp or with a durable plastic shrink wrap material, until such a time when more permanent repairs can be made. We need to stop more moisture damage, so we can prevent mold growth.

Get your roof inspected, even if you think there is no problem, especially if your property falls anywhere within the area of the hail and wind damage map.

Many storm damage symptoms are not always evident immediately.

And deadlines from insurance companies could hinder you from filing a claim later.

Emergency response crews are available to assist commercial property owners with roof damage, frozen pipe damage, siding and window damage, and turnkey restoration services.

Our clients include: schools, hospitals, hotels, churches, resorts, retail, warehouse, industrial, and other commercial properties as well as residential properties with hail or wind damage to tile roofing systems.

If your building has sustained harm from fallen trees, collapsed roof or any other damage related to hail, tornado or wind storms, call us today.

Wind Damage to RoofWe are a disaster restoration contractor providing damage restoration from hail, tornadoes, fire and flood. RestoreMasters responds to disaster emergencies by repairing roofing systems of commercial and residential buildings, starting with temporary solutions using tarp or shrink wrap to prevent leaks, until more permanent solutions are decided upon. We also assist with debris cleanup, water removal, burst pipe damage repair, water damage building restoration, tornado damage roofing & restoration, hurricane damage roofing & restoration, mold remediation, interior restoration and reconstruction, and many other services to rebuild your damaged property. We also provide fire & smoke damage restoration.

Contact RestoreMasters if you need help fixing storm damage.

As large loss claims experts, our team works directly with your insurance company to get your facility back on its feet.

A turnkey restoration contractor, we can help you with all phases of restoration from emergency response services to total build back.

The RestoreMasters team is comprised of professionals specializing in storm damage insurance restoration, including: insurance claims experts, public adjusters, large loss attorneys, roofing engineers, building engineers, interior construction experts, and other experts in the field of damage restoration.

We do repair, replacement and restoration services on the following roofing systems: TPO roofing, metal roofing, tile roofing for hail damage, slate roofing, asphalt shingle roofing from hurricane damage, EPDM roofing, roof coatings, torch down roofing, BUR roofing, SBS-modified roofing repair, PVC roofing.

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